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About Piano Express

Initially developed to appeal to busy music-loving adults at a city practice, the express system is a success story not only for adults but also for adult music education.

Adults who take up PianoExpress are keen to succeed because the system gives them the incentive. It offers quick and thorough results – results that don't take years of striving to achieve!

PianoExpress is an exciting approach designed to meet the needs of both the adult learner and the piano educator.

Most of all - it's a totally rewarding and pleasurable experience!

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Piano Students

PianoExpress students can achieve from complete beginner to Intermediate level within one and a half years! From the first lesson, complete beginners play hands together and are taught to read music and interpret musically.

Piano Teachers

PianoExpress is also an innovative teaching product. It provides an exciting opportunity for the independent music professional to expand or diversify their practice or simply to take on some rewarding and stress-free teaching.

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