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Have you considered specialising? PianoExpress is a product for adult students that could be just right for your practice. Today's adults have a passion for self-development, life change and cultural pursuits. Right now there are countless adults who would simply love to learn to play the piano.

PianoExpress is a system that offers you a great opportunity to enter the adult education market. With PianoExpress you have a product that is totally appealing and perfectly designed for both yourself and the adult student. Whether you're thinking of diversifying your practice, or simply would like to enjoy some pleasurable and stress-free teaching, then PianoExpress could become the most rewarding side of your business.

PianoExpress Needs Piano Teachers

Right now we are looking for piano teachers. If you have a positive outlook toward teaching adults and enjoy teaching classical as well as popular styles, then we'd love to hear from you!  Suitable piano skills and teaching experience will be needed to implement our program easily and efficiently. Please download the Teacher Brochure below for more details.

Teacher Brochure

To download details on eligibility and product information, please Register your Interest now.

                   If you'd like to share your love of piano with adults, then

                                   we'd love to hear from you!

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Piano Students

PianoExpress students can achieve from complete beginner to Intermediate level within one and a half years! From the first lesson, complete beginners play hands together and are taught to read music and interpret musically.

Piano Teachers

PianoExpress is also an innovative teaching product. It provides an exciting opportunity for the independent music professional to expand or diversify their practice or simply to take on some rewarding and stress-free teaching.

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