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Designed for today's lifestyles

Originally designed and developed by a professional pianist and teacher to meet the needs of busy adults at a city practice, PianoExpress' accelerated approach is custom-made for today's adult lifestyles!

What's achievable

Imagine being able to play pop, classical and jazz music in less than half the time it normally takes to learn by traditional teaching methods. With this unique three-dimensional system, students can achieve from complete beginner status to Intermediate competency within one and a half years! Not only that, but from your first lesson you'll be on your way to building an extensive repertoire of songs and pieces that will be great to play for family and friends – or just to entertain yourself!

Courses - StartUp, StartBack, Intensive, Special Courses, Exam Programs  

To get you up and running, PianoExpress offers exclusive Start courses. These courses are available to both beginners and those who can already play. Students attend a one-hour weekly lesson. For superior results, rapid achievement and to help guarantee your success, these courses are taught on a private lesson basis.

StartUp course for complete beginners

From the first lesson of the StartUp Course you'll be playing hands together and will be taught to read music and interpret musically. There is no frustrating backtracking later on to learn these skills and, with our streamlined approach, most students find they can sail through. Enquire about our exclusive 5 week StartUp course.

StartBack course if you can already play

We can start you from where you're at now. Don't worry if you have forgotten a few things or a lot – we'll help fill in the gaps as you go along.  Enquire about our special 5 week StartBack course.

What happens after a Start course?

Following the StartUp Course there is a continuation program built around classical, jazz and popular styles or a specialized program. Subject to regular attendance, the whole PianoExpress course can be comfortably achieved within one and a half years.

Student information and fees

For course information and fees please email info@pianoexpress.com.au

PianoExpress lessons are taught at our Sydney studio in Surry Hills or by private teachers registered to use PianoExpress in their own  practices. All teachers have advanced qualifications and undergo comprehensive training.

PLEASE READ: Users of this website are required to read and accept the Terms and Conditions of this website before contacting and making arrangements with any registered teacher. Booking-in with a teacher means that users agree with the following Terms and Conditions.


1. The Teacher List on this website lists qualified private teachers who have become registered to teach the PianoExpress system in their own studios as part of their own practice.
2. Users of this website/Enquirers/Students agree to rely exclusively on their own enquiries, in relation to the suitability of any teacher with whom they commence tuition, and are solely responsible for making their own evaluations and arrangements with any teacher.
3. While Sydney Music Enterprises only registers teachers who are suitably qualified, and provides training and professional development for these teachers in the use of our PianoExpress system, Sydney Music Enterprises and Helen Kennedy, and our  agents, officers or employees will not accept responsibility or liability for any arrangements, complaints, claims, damage, costs or loss made against our system or a licensed or registered teacher.
4. The User/Enquirer/Student agrees to indemnify Sydney Music Enterprises and Helen Kennedy, our agents, officers or employees from or against any and all actions, claims, loss, damage, costs (including legal costs), expenses or liability.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are a great idea for birthdays, Christmas or that special gift for someone who loves music. To enquire, please email info@pianoexpress.com.au  Available for beginners only.


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Piano Students

PianoExpress students can achieve from complete beginner to Intermediate level within one and a half years! From the first lesson, complete beginners play hands together and are taught to read music and interpret musically.

Piano Teachers

PianoExpress is also an innovative teaching product. It provides an exciting opportunity for the independent music professional to expand or diversify their practice or simply to take on some rewarding and stress-free teaching.

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