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Only fill in this application if you're applying for Registration.

I have read the Teacher Brochure and Terms and Conditions and wish to apply for:


Personal information

* Title:
* Surname:
* Given Names:
* Street:
* Suburb:
* Post / Zip Code:
* Country:
Telephone No:
Mobile / Cell No:
* Email Address (Also your username):
* Full Name of Teaching Studio:

Qualification information


Exam Board/Institute Name:
Is your qualification under a different surname? If so, please indicate:


Qualification/s, if any:
Exam Board / Institute Name:
Is your qualification under a different surname? If so, please indicate:
How long have you been teaching for?
What is the highest level up to which you prefer to teach?
What exam syllabus do you follow?
* Have you taught adults before?

Verification will be required. Copies of certification should be emailed as attachments to our office as soon as possible. On acceptance, please forward a brief biography and portrait photo for inclusion on website teacher listing.

Teaching studio information

* 1. Do you have your own teaching studio:
* 2. Is your studio in a home/ unit/ studio/ a church/ a community hall/ at a school / other: (please indicate)
* 3. Is your studio a suitably professional environment for teaching adults (contains acoustic piano; good lighting; toilet facilities nearby; free from interruptions, noise, etc.):
* 4. Will you have more than one other teacher using pianoexpress in your studio? How many teachers do you have in your studio? (Please leave in comments below)
* 5. Do you intend giving home visits?
* 6. Do you teach for another school of music or music business?


You Agree

  • The information I have given is true and correct.
  • I understand that I cannot teach PianoExpress in someone else's music teaching business or music school.
  • I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions as outlined in the Teacher Brochure.
  • I agree to notify Sydney Music Enterprises (SME) if any of the above application details change.

Teacher Login

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Piano Students

PianoExpress students can achieve from complete beginner to Intermediate level within one and a half years! From the first lesson, complete beginners play hands together and are taught to read music and interpret musically.

Piano Teachers

PianoExpress is also an innovative teaching product. It provides an exciting opportunity for the independent music professional to expand or diversify their practice or simply to take on some rewarding and stress-free teaching.

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